Queensberry Albums from New Zealand are the simply the best, most luxurious albums available!

This Ben and Amanda’s album from their fabulous tipi wedding, held at Bank Ground farm, right on the edge of Coniston Water in the Lake District.

Queensberry have a range of styles and materials that will appeal to anyone. This particular album is a Duo, this means the pages are a blend of traditionally mounted and contemporary edge to edge images. The cover is in Contemporary Leather and the colour is Blueberry. The images can only really give you an idea, these a very tactile albums and the printed image is so much more emotive.

Ben and Amanda also had a small 7″ copy album. This is a replica of the main album, including the gorgeous leather cover.

This album is the most exclusive album I offer, prices for the standard matted version start at £850. I offer a range of album options starting from £450 for a beautifully bound coffee table book.

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