I mentioned this a few times on facebook so I thought I’d better tell you what it was all about and show you a few images.

The MYVISION site has a lot of good stuff, including action shots of me working (check out the blog section).

I arrived in Brighton on Sunday afternoon not really knowing what to expect, I knew we were going to tested on our documentary photography skills but that was it! So along with 19 other participants we signed in and waited for our team leaders.

The first assignment was to split into pairs and take each others portraits, be on the other side of the camera, scary stuff. Still no word on what we would actually be doing for our assignment proper, this was be given to us first thing Monday morning when we arrived down stairs with our kit ready to shoot!

The next 2 days were spent documenting the workings of of classic car restoration workshop, with the results being critiqued into the early hours. The final slide shows of our work were shown on Wednesday night, it was pretty emotional and I’ve never seen so much amazing work back to back, not one bad photograph all night! The party continued until silly o’clock and to be honest it’s all still sinking in!

This was the most intensive, and the most rewarding few days photographic training I’ve ever done. I feel privileged to have spent time with such a fantastic group of people who have now become friends.

Here are a few images from my assignment, to be honest the photographs are pretty much irrelevant. the techniques and ideas that were taken away have changed the way I shoot and will continue to improve my photography forever!

Finally a big thanks to all the organisers, especially Jim, my team leader and to my hosts West Sussex Restorations.