Celebrity Wedding Planner, Astra and Anthony’s Hodsock Priory Wedding

So, I get a phone call in January “have you seen the program Celebrity Wedding Planner”…well no actually. But, one of my favourite venues, Hodsock Priory was hosting it and they had recommended me. It’s January, I’ve not got anything else booked so why not?!

After I had agreed I watched an episode…WOW! Ok, so, what would be the plan?! I actually thought I just need to shoot this like any other wedding, make the couple a beautiful collection of photographs telling the story of their wedding day.

I think I did a pretty good job considering there were three camera crews, two sound crews, two producers, a director and various runners! For a cold January wedding it looks fantastic! Astra and Anthony were infinitely patient as you can imagine and the wedding, despite the film crews and celebrity planners was the joining together of a fantastic couple surrounded by the people they love.

Hopefully I’ve captured the ‘REAL’ wedding and given Astra and Anthony some beautiful memories to go along side the ‘Celebrity Wedding Planner‘ chaos.

It was a fantastic day…very different, but I’m glad I did it. I worked with some great suppliers, some I knew already and some I met for the first time on the day. A special big thanks to Hodsock Priory, they always look after me, it’s like a home from home!

Here are a selection of my favourite shots from the day. Enjoy!